Thirty years ago, Tammy Harris didn't have the sort of wedding most every girl dreams about. She and her husband Ray tied the knot without all the pomp and circumstance that normally accompanies a traditional ceremony.

"We dated for three years, moved to the South and just got married," Harris said this past Saturday at the Townsquare Media Bridal Fair.

"We were living with my husband's parents at the time. We were married July 5 on the front of his parent's home under the pine trees," she recalled.

"I did not have flowers, a cake, a ring, or any of the trimmings. In fact, I borrowed the ring for the ceremony from my future sister-in-law.  We used it for the ceremony and I returned it to her. I have not had a true wedding ring all these years. I have had rings that he purchased for me but not a 'wedding ring.'  And, I think I have one picture of us during the ceremony and the preacher was someone the family knew."

Harris said she didn't have a wedding dress either. And she said she recalls people just sitting around the room as if it was an ordinary day. But this time -- 30 years later to the day -- things are about to be much different.

Harris has big plans.

"My plan is for the wedding to be held at the Texarkana, Texas Convention Center. We will be married at the big fireplace out back and the reception will be held inside. My colors are black and white and I will be wearing a white wedding gown. My flowers will be white, and the tables will be white with just small touches of black here and there.

"My husband and I are getting matching rings. He will be in a black tuxedo. Our youngest son will walk me down the isle and our youngest daughter will walk her father down. The other children will be bridesmaids and best men. My best friend is also coming from Tennessee to be a maid of honor and my sisters are making the trip from Michigan this time. I am hoping my niece comes in from Nevada to take pictures. We are still doing this on a shoestring budget so we have made all the flowers ourselves. I am looking for a gown, maybe a sample gown to keep the cost down," Harris pondered.

"I've waited 30 years for this and I just can't wait. This time I get to wear a wedding gown!"