When Jay Z met with New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo last month to discuss criminal justice reform, many conservatives couldn't believe the governor would discuss policy with a rapper, let alone a former drug dealer.

But some on the other side of the political aisle praised Hov for trying to make a difference, and it looks like he did, because in his State of the State address, Cuomo announced sweeping changes as it pertains to New York policing.

Based on a New York Times article, there will be a lot more transparency when police officers aren't indicted after an investigation, and the governor will allow district attorneys to explain why a cop might have walked away scot-free after doing something questionable, which is huge in Jay Z's eyes.

"The criminal justice reform package proposed by Governor Cuomo today is a huge step forward in restoring fairness, protection, sensitivity and accountability for all under our justice system," said the rapper in a statement (via Capitol Confidential). "I commend Governor Cuomo for his bold leadership in taking this issue head-on at this critical time."

"This package presents comprehensive steps to protect and improve relations amongst all citizens," he continues. "We cannot be divided, as every single human being matters. Together, we can move forward as a community, with mutual respect for each other and continue to make this great state stronger than ever before."

Jay Z may not be on the front line of the ongoing New York protests following a grand jury decision to not indict a Staten Island officer in the Eric Garner murder case, but the rap mogul did quietly help distribute "I Can't Breathe" T-shirts to basketball players.

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