Leadership Texarkana is now taking applications for the 2015-2016 LT Class. Only 30 future leaders will be accepted so get those applications in as soon as possible. This is a great opportunity to learn leadership skills while learning more about your community. A social is scheduled for June 8 to afford those interested in the program to ask questions and mingle with other potential classmates. 

The flagship program of Leadership Texarkana for 35 years, the annual Leadership Texarkana Class provides community leadership development for the advancement of our community and of all participants. The LT Class:

  • Connects, cultivates and engages a selected group of thirty individuals from all backgrounds, professional levels, and sectors (public, private and non-profit).
  • Provides nine-months of training in leadership perspectives and understanding of critical issues in the development and growth of all areas of our community, including economic development, industry, health care, education, politics, and quality of life initiatives.
  • Features well over one hundred community leaders leading issue-based educational sessions, providing a backstage pass into our region, invaluable to natives and newcomers alike.  The program kicks-off in September with an overnight retreat, followed by monthly day-long sessions the second Tuesdays of each month from October through April.

The first class of Leadership Texarkana was held in 1979-1980; the program has graduated an average of 25 leaders for each of the past 35 years, with 800 local graduates of every demographic and walk of life represented in leadership positions throughout our region.

Application deadline for 2015-2016 LT Class is June 23, 2015.  Applications and answers to questions are available on the Leadership Texarkana website. Those interested in applying for the 2015-2016 class are invited to come visit with Leadership Texarkana representatives at the Leadership Recruitment Social at Twisted Fork Restaurant on Tuesday, June 8, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Natives learn as much as newcomers in the LT Class. Best leadership value around -- for the advancement of our community and each participant.

LEADERSHIP TEXARKANA is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating, connecting, and engaging leaders in working together for community excellence, pride and progress.  To those ends, Leadership Texarkana dedicates its efforts to educating and developing critical masses of individual leaders throughout the community - crossing all demographic boundaries, representing the community at large, as well as to fostering a community culture of effective leadership as the unifying voice of vision, and the catalyst for effective action alliances. Additional information about Leadership Texarkana can be found at Leadership Texarkana online.

More about Leadership Texarkana from their website:

The MISSION of LEADERSHIP TEXARKANA is to Cultivate, Connect, and Engage Leaders in Working Together for Community Excellence, Pride, and Progress.

Believing that every organization - or community - rises or falls on its commitment to leadership–Leadership Texarkana is invested in:

1) Educating leaders for our community, through

- The FLAGSHIP LT Class - an annual 9-month program for 30 community leaders

- Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders for area high school students, and

- Ongoing opportunities for in-depth understanding of community issues and leadership training for graduates.

2) Identifying and celebrating models of exemplary community leadership through the annual Wilbur and Idalee Hawkins Awards - because “…EXAMPLE is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the ONLY thing.” (Albert Schweitzer)

Most importantly - Leadership Texarkana is invested in:

3) Engaging the greater Texarkana community in leadership for Working Together for Community Excellence - through LIFT, the Leadership Initiative for Texarkana launched in spring 2012.

Why Should You Care?

Working Together is the key to our community’s best future. When we don’t work together, we are settling for half as nice and miss opportunities for excellence that would benefit us all: our businesses, our families, our institutions, our city governments, our region. As importantly, when we aren’t focused on our best, we limit our ability to attract others to our area.