So far it's been a hot summer and signs indicate there's no relief forthcoming. However, there are some places in Arkansas where you can go to cool down -- underground. Have you ever been cave dwelling? Arkansas has some of the best natural caves and caverns to get a little relief from the summer heat. Let's explore.

Blanchard Springs Cavern

Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism

This amazing underground cave can be found near the town of Mountain View in the Ozark-St. Francis National Forests. This cave has two levels, the Dripstone Trail that runs through the upper level and the Discovery Trail and the second level that runs through the middle of the cavern. A Wild Cave Tour is available for those who want to explore some of the underdeveloped portions of the cave.

Cosmic Caverns

Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism

This cave is located near the town of Berryville and depending what part of the year you visit, the cave is always 62 degrees year round, which makes this cave a perfect one to visit today. This cave dwelling features two underground lakes in the Ozarks and is alleged to be bottomless. Wow. One section of the cave has the longest rock formations that resemble drinking straws, thus earning the name "Silent Splendor."

Mystic Caverns

Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism

This majestic cave can be found between Jasper and Harrison on scenic Highway 7. Mystic Caverns and Crystal Dome otherwise known as the "Twin Caves" are situated within 400 feet of each other. This cavern has more formations per foot than any other cave in the state with a year round temperature of 58 degrees, slightly cooler than Cosmic Caverns. Another ideal place for some summertime relief from the heat and some underground fun.

War Eagle Cavern

Located near the prestigious Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas and nearby Rogers, this cave has a natural entrance with plenty of room to explore with no major steps or tight crevices to squeeze through. This makes for an awesome summertime adventure.

Onyx Cave

Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism

This cave is the oldest cavern in the state of Arkansas and is located in Eureka Springs. It has been attracting visitors worldwide since 1893. With a cool temperature of 57 degrees, its unique rock formations resemble the appearance of onyx, thus the name Onyx Cave. The cave has only one entrance to go in and out of and visitors get a guided tour via headsets.

Beckham Creek Cave

Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism

There's even an incredible underground hotel named Beckham Creek Cave where you can stay the night. But be prepared to drop some cash. See just how much. Holy cow!