Every now and then, when a bad smell knocks me down as I open the door of the refrigerator at work, I decide it's time to do a clean out. I try hard not to toss anything that might still be good but sometimes mistakes are made. I boo-booed and put a peach in the trash pile on the floor that turned out to be a co-worker's noon snack.

It was a sad moment caught on video. I've made up for it by getting more peaches and a nice little carry bag for her fruit. If I was going to insert an emoji, I would put an embarrassed face in here.

John Williams, our news guy, came in during my clean out video so I enlisted his help. His job was the smell test.

Sometimes people put their names on items but then forget about them, much like Jack did in this moment. He swears it was really Pepsi but it looked a little odd.

The pizza was apparently still good, at least according to the dog-sniff test.

We found a lot of questionable and interesting items in the fridge. Some of it I am not sure I can call food.

The end result? A lot of old, crusty, moldy and yucky food was thrown away.