At least we can say no more burnt tongues?

According to (and a few other outlets), you can now get your coffee buzz in a chewable cube. They're called Go Cubes and they promise as much energy as two cups of coffee per pack.

Apparently sipping your cup of joe is sooooo last year.

Go Cubes are made by Nootrobox and recently went on sale at $23 for six four-packs. That's their cheapest package you can get. So close to $4 for a four-pack. With each pack promising two cups of coffee, you're spending $2 per cup. And if you think you're stuck "eating your coffee black" think again.

They feature three flavors; pure drip (black), mocha and lattee.

So what kind of texture are you getting yourself into? A gummy similar to those of Sour Patch Kids, at least that what said. It seems weird to think of coffee-flavored Sour Patch Kids. But maybe it will be similar to eating a Tootsie Roll or a Riesen. I don't think I'll ever be on board though. I enjoy coffee for reasons other than a morning jolt. I love having a warm cup in my hands and sipping on something fabulous like vanilla caramel or cinnamon latte. It's soothing to me.

Would you eat these?