Skateboarders listen up. We heard a while back that the Texarkana, Texas Parks and Recreation Department is going to build a Skatepark in Texarkana. Right now it's in the planning stages and they want your input.

If you have a skateboarder in your family then make sure that he or she comes to the design meeting on Wednesday, April 27, at 6PM at Kidtopia Park at 201 Oak Street in downtown Texarkana.

The City and park planners are looking for input on the design. How often does that happen? Kudos to them. If you're going to plan a skateboard park, I agree that it's a good idea to get input and ideas from the people that will be using it. Yes, that means kids and teenagers.

Be sure and like their Facebook page. Visit their website, call them at 903-798-3978 or email the Park Director Robby Roberson at for more information.