Good news for area  college students looking for cost savings and an efficient program.

The University of Arkansas at Hope-Texarkana has drastically reduced the costs for students to pursue a higher education by introducing the UAHT Textbook Rental Program for classes on both the Hope and Texarkana campuses.  The UAHT Textbook program will provide huge savings and give students a predictable, reliable textbook costs as they enroll in on-campus classes.

These savings and predictability of costs to enroll in a class make this program like no other in the region.  The book rental program is based on a $20 per-credit hour for on campus classes and is available to all students.

To illustrate the impact of the savings, a full-time student enrolled in the classes listed in the attached example would save $879.65 this fall over last fall on new books (73%).  They would save $639.75 (66%) if they purchased all used books.  That is for just one semester.  A Miller or Bowie county student would only pay a total of $1423 in tuition and fees for that same schedule.

So, the student savings under the new UAHT Book Program will allow this example student to keep enough of the funds he would have spent buying new books to pay for 62% of his total tuition and fee bill.  The same student will now save over 38% on tuition, fees and books over the cost to attend last fall.

U of A Hope-Texarkana Chancellor Chris Thomason said, “As we celebrate our 50th anniversary as an institution, the UA Hope-Texarkana family is thrilled to announce a historic new program that will fundamentally change and promote student opportunity on our campuses in a way that is only rivaled by our initial founding.  I am pleased that we have remained a student focused institution.  We are reinforcing our commitment to our students by providing this book rental program that will benefit students with a tremendously lower cost to pursue a college education.”

The new program is being administered through the U of A Hope-Texarkana Library and has had great feedback from the students enrolled in Summer II courses.  Another great advantage of this program is that it removes the guess work out of textbook costs.  U of A Hope-Texarkana has eliminated additional charges related to textbook codes and teaching aids, thereby, guaranteeing the educational material costs are limited to the rental fee for each on-campus class.  This program removes the guess work from textbook costs with the $20 per credit hour rental rate.

For more information about the textbook program or to register for fall classes, visit the college website at