Don't drink and drive this Super Bowl weekend.

“The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year and a great time for a party, but it’s no excuse to be irresponsible and kill yourself or someone else,” said Texas Department of Transportation Executive Director Lt. General Joe Weber, USMC (Ret).
“If your festivities include drinking, it’s your responsibility to plan ahead for a sober ride. Don’t put yourself and others at risk.”
In 2014, there were more than 3,450 fatalities on Texas roadways. Of those fatalities, more than 1,035 involved alcohol. As impaired driving continues to be a major – and often tragic – problem in Texas, TxDOT remains vigilant in its efforts to remind drivers of the severe consequences of taking the wheel while under the influence. Drivers arrested for DWI can face jail time and up to $17,000 in court costs and legal fees.
So remember, be safe and don't drive and drive this weekend.