Ready for an aww story?

Meet Mosha. Mosha is a magnificent elephant that resides at the MaeYao National Reserve in Thailand. She is about 10 years old, according to the accompanying story with the YouTube video below. 

The MaeYao National Reserve claims to have the first hospital in the world made specifically for elephants. They have been taking care of Mosha since she first arrived back in 2006 after stepping on a landmine. The National Reserve also says they affixed Mosha with her first prosthetic just days after her mine accident.

This is now her fifth prosthetic leg and you can tell she is very used to wearing them with how well she steps right into it.

I'm a sucker for stories about elephants. To me they are, without a doubt, one of God's most amazing creatures and far more intelligent than most folks give them credit for.

I hope Mosha has a long and wonderful life.