There is a house that is considered the most haunted house in the state of Arkansas. It's a beautiful old house that has been studied over the years for its paranormal activity. In fact, back in 2008, it was named the number one haunted house in America.


Strange Paranormal Activity from Furniture Rearranged to Doppelgangers

The Allen House was built in1905 in Monticello, Arkansas. There have been stories of a jilted woman walking the halls but not only that, but the new owners have also seen apparitions of kids, furniture being rearranged and kitchen cabinets opening and closing. Another strange thing is the new owners have seen doppelgangers of themselves! Some paranormal experts say the doppelganger sightings might actually be Ladell trying to make contact with the new owners.

The Main Hauntings are From a Jilted Lover

The biggest haunting is from Ladell Allen.


She started secretly seeing her first love later in life in the spring of 1948, but he was married. He promised to leave his wife by Christmas so he and Ladell could be married and live their life in her big family house together in time for the holiday. By Christmas Eve 1948 Ladell knew he would never leave his wife so after dinner with her parents, she took a glass of punch upstairs to her room, mixed with cyanide and then drank it. Even creepier is that after Ladell died her mother sealed off Ladell's bedroom for decades.



Then The Letters Were Found

There were always rumors and stories that the house was haunted, but no one really knew if it was Ladell. In fact, no one ever knew why she killed herself since she kept the affair a secret. Then in 2009 something happened that changed everything. That was when the new owner of the house found 82 letters between the lovers under a floorboard in the attic of the house. The letters detailed the relationship and that's when everyone knew that it must be Ladell that is haunting the house.

The Allen House, youtube


This House is Known Nationally For Its Paranormal Activity

The house has been the subject of tv shows on the paranormal over the years.

According to the Allen House Website

June 28, 2008: A complete paranormal investigation is conducted. In addition to the personal experiences of the team members, over 40 Electronic Voice Phenomena are recorded. The website ranks the Allen House the number one haunted house in America.


You Can See It For Yourself...If You Dare

The cool thing is, you can tour this house! You can schedule a tour any time of the year with at least a group of 6 or more. The Allen House, located at 713 North Main Street in Monticello Arkansas is open annually every October 30- October 31.  You can also schedule Dinner and A Ghost, A PrivateTea Party and more.  For more information on tours go to the

Check out the videos below of the history of the house and the episode of The Ghost Brothers investigating the house.


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