At one time or another, we all dream of living in a castle or being the king of the castle but did you know you don't have to travel to Europe to stay in one.  There is a super cool castle in Texas, yes a real castle and you can stay the night in it.

Castle Falkenstein is 14,000 square feet located on 133 acres in Burnet, Texas. This masterpiece has 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and it sleeps 12 people. The master bedroom has a massive heated jacuzzi tub and two of the guest baths have jacuzzi tubs too. As you'd expect inside any worthy castle there are over 100 pieces of artwork and paintings.

From the balconies, according to the listing on VRBO you can see 3 counties, 2 lakes, and 50 plus miles on a clear day. Claiming The best views in central Texas.

On the property, there is also a 40,000 gallon Koi Pond and a unique bubbling stream with “hidden gems and crystals from across the world”

The castle also comes with free wifi, coffee, bedding, shampoo, family games, tv and a collection of over 1,000 DVDs.

Can You Imagine Driving Up This Road And Seeing Your First Glimpse of The Castle?

It All Looks so Comfy Cozy

Just because it looks medieval doesn't mean you have to forgo modern kitchen conveniences.

Sleep Like a King and a Queen in this Room

You Can't Have a Castle Without A Game Room!

Every Castle Must Have a Chapel

Could that be the Koi Pond?

The price might sound steep at first at $1,979 a night but with 6 bedrooms, just get 6 couples together and it's only about $329 a night per couple and that is a steal of a deal to live like royalty for a few nights!  You can find out more about Castle Falkenstein on their website or about booking it at


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