The Seize The Deal auction ends at seven o'clock tonight so get your bid in on the the Shindaiwa EB633RT Blower.

The Shindaiwa EB633RT is a commercial-grade blower with power to spare. Popular amongst contractors and professionals, it is designed to take the abuse from heavy duty usage.

The EB633RT is a bit on the heavy side at 26.2 pounds (dry weight). The 63.3 cc engine is fueled by a large 2 liter tank. It is very powerful, generating 625 cfm of air flow through the tube at 205 mph. This power comes with some noise though, and it is rated at 74 dB(A).

The EB633RT has a tube mounted throttle with cruise control, which lessens hand fatigue for the operator. We like the extra flexible tube because is doesn’t get stiff on cold weather days. The back pad and backpack straps are padded for user comfort. The top mounted air filtration system is easy to access, and is designed to keep the EB633RT running clean in dusty environments.

This backpack blower is a few pounds heavier than the EB802 and moves about 137 cfm less air flow. It is typically less expensive than the EB802. So if cost is a concern, look to the EB633RT, but if weight and raw power are at the top of your list, look to the EB802 or EB802RT blowers.

Bid now before the auctions ends at 7PM.