Okay, you're running late for work and you're starving with no time to sit down to eat. What do you do? Like so many people during the rush hour you find the nearest fast food joint and drive thru for a breakfast sandwich. So, what are some of the best places for breakfast sandwiches in Texarkana? Let's take a look.

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This has to be on top of the list. Have you tried their slow-roasted Ham, Swiss and Egg sandwich? It's a great way to jumpstart your morning. Oh, and don't forget the espresso.

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One of my faves is the Chick mini's -- the smaller version of their original chicken biscuit. Throw in a little honey and add some hash brown bites, and now we're talking.

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The first time I heard Taco Bell would be serving breakfast I was a little skeptical but not anymore. I ordered the Breakfast Crunchwrap, which consists of eggs, cheese, hash brown and either bacon, sausage or steak wrapped in a tortilla. It's a fiesta for your mouth.

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It's gotta be the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. Need I say more?

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McDonald's has always been known for serving up some good breakfast. How about the traditional Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit? And for those on a semi health kick, the Egg McMuffin isn't bad either. Share the love!

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Whataburger may be known for some of the best burgers around but their Jalapeno Sausage, Egg and Cheese Biscuit is mouth watering, delicious and addictive. The flavors mesh so well it makes for one great breakfast sandwich. It's my favorite.

Of course, there are many more breakfast sandwiches in town, but these are some of my personal favorites. Tell us about your favorites.