The Splash Pad at Spring Lake Park in Texarkana is scheduled to open in late May.The 'Splash Pad' in Spring Lake Park in Texarkana is schedule to open for the season during the last week in May. If you have not been to the splash pad here is an excerpt from a feature I wrote on it last year. The Texas side park, or splash pad, is going to be located in Spring Lake Park where the old pool was located. It will have a natural theme, with turtles, palm fronds, and other animals. The biggest plus for this type of splash pad is that it will be free to use anytime the weather is warm.My son and I had a chance to check out the splash pad when it first opened and the completed pad is way cooler than the original plan. And, as you can see, it is a great place for the kids on hot days.

Wes Spicher, Townsquare Media

The one feature that gets the most attention is a pelican that dumps water on the kids. Its beak fills up with water and when it gets full the beak opens and dumps the water on the kids below.

In this photo you can see the boys waiting on the pelican to dump the water on them. If you get a chance this summer make sure to take the kids to the splash pad. There is plenty of parking and benches for you to sit on. The splash pad is open every day from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. and it makes a great break from the heat.