On November 18, 2015 at 10:09PM, Bowie County Deputy Randall Baggett, along with Bowie County Reserve Deputies Charles Underwood and KC Caudle, responded to a call of a man discharging a firearm and shouting in the 500 block of Clara Sorsby Road.

As deputies arrived in the area, they reportedly hear gunshots. When Deputy Baggett got to the 500 block of Clara Sorsby he observed a white male standing in a yard holding a long barreled firearm. According to the sheriff's office, this male challenged Deputy Baggett as he drove past his location by shouting, “Y’all will have to…come get me.”

Deputy Baggett continued on past this subject to find a position of cover while waiting for more units to arrive. After hearing several more gunshots, Deputy Baggett realized his headlights were still on and turned them off. As he stood beside his vehicle using it for cover he heard three more gunshots. These three rounds struck tree limbs that were approximately 10 feet above Deputy Baggett’s head.

At this point Lieutenant Brent Caudle arrived on scene and requested the Bowie SWAT and Negotiation Teams to respond. The teams arrived and found they had no way to communicate with this subject who had retreated to a mobile home. A wireless communication device was deployed to make contact with him.

During a dialogue with this subject, he allegedly exited the mobile home with a shotgun in his hands. After further negotiations, the subject placed the shotgun on the ground and was taken into custody. He was identified as Jimmy Dwayne Long, 33, of Texarkana, Texas. Long was transported to the Bi-State Jail where he was booked in for Deadly Conduct. Judge Nancy Talley later set Long’s bond at $10,000.