Texarkana, Texas Police have arrested a man for leaving his 3-year-old daughter alone in the car while he reported to his parole officer.

Earlier today, June 3, 2015, Officer Joey Tefteller was dispatched to the Texas Parole Office at 2601 Texas Blvd., on a possible warrant service. Upon arrival, Tefteller confirmed the parole violation warrant on Anthony Ray, 27, of Texarkana, Texas was valid.  When he advised Ray that he was being arrested, police say Ray told him that he could not go to jail because he had a child waiting on him outside in the car.

Tefteller escorted Ray outside where he pointed out his vehicle, which was allegedly running and locked. Tefteller reportedly saw a small child sitting in the back seat. Upon removing the child, she appeared to be physically fine.

It was determined that Ray had left the child unattended in the vehicle for almost an hour while he had been inside the parole office.  The child’s mother was contacted and responded to the scene.  After consultation with Child Protective Services, the child was released to the mother.

Ray was transported to the Bi-State Jail where he remains in custody.

In addition to the original parole violation, Ray is also charged with Abandoning/Endangering a Child (Criminal Negligence), which is a state jail felony.