The Texarkana, Arkansas City Board of Directors meets Monday night at 6:30 at City Hall and will conduct a public hearing regarding the condemnation of 15 substandard residential structures. Following the hearing the board will consider condemning those same structures.

In other business, the directors will consider accepting a $5,000 donation from Union Pacific Railroad for the enhancement of the Blessed Be The Tie That Binds Street Structure located at the Front Street Festival Plaza.

The board will also look at rezoning  property on Rondo Road to allow a dog training facility. There is another ordinance to approve a Citizen's Bill of Rights. Another to authorize the City Manager to enter into contracts for chemicals for water and wastewater with the Texarkana Water Utilities.

Additionally, the board will look at a resolution to make appointments to various boards, commissions, and committees, as well as a Citizens Communication time, along with comments from the mayor and questions from directors and other business.

The board will then go into a closed executive session.

The public is invited to attend the open portions of the meeting.