Authorities on both sides of town are helping to look for an escaped convict who fled the Miller County Courthouse yesterday evening.

Police have released the following information on the suspect. He has been identified as Daroyce Rogers, approximately 31 years of age, 5' 6" tall, weight 192 pounds, last seen wearing red pants, flannel shirt, and one shoe. He is covered in tattoos and has a scar on his face.

His last reported location was in the area of downtown Texarkana in the Union Pacific Railroad yard running from police officers towards Hobo Jungle Park. Rogers fled the courthouse after his sentencing on drug related charges. Authorities say he was allowed to lean over a railing to hug his mother following the end of the trial, but he then jumped the railing and ran out of the courtroom.

Citizens should be on the look out for any suspicious person who would meet Rogers' description. Take no action on your own and contact the police department or sheriff office by dialing 911.

Authorities say they will keep us posted as more information becomes available. Police Officers from TAPD/TTPD and the Miller County Sheriff's Office are in the area currently searching for this individual.