The Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department has announced their "Officer of the Quarter."

The recipient of this honor is Corporal Kiki Potts.

Corporal Kiki Potts is a 16 year TAPD veteran who currently serves in the Services Division as the personnel officer.  Cpl. Potts received the Officer of the Quarter for her tremendous effort of recruiting individuals whose character and integrity are above reproach and are of TAPD’s high standards.

This is not an easy task as the department is currently in a position where police officers are very hard to recruit.  Cpl. Potts serves as the agencies “gatekeeper” by conducting critical background checks that are absolutely essential in the process of vetting potential employees for TAPD.

These background investigations are intense, tedious undertakings that require requisite abilities and specific knowledge. It also require someone that approaches each investigation with a tenacious eye. This is someone committed to leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of ensuring newly hired police officers carry the required integrity, character, attitude and structure to wear the police department's patch on their shoulder.

The department commends Corporal Potts on her ability of keeping with the highest traditions of the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department.