The Texarkana, Ark., City Board of Directors meets tonight at 6:30 at City Hall.

The board is scheduled to vote on an ordinance to officially adopt the FY2016 budget, among other items. Here is a complete agenda for tonight's meeting:

6:30PM Regular Meeting:

Call to Order

Roll Call

Invocation given by Director Tim Johnson

Pledge of Allegiance by Director Tim Johnson

Comments from the Mayor

Questions from Directors and other business

A. Discussion:  Rescheduling the Tuesday, December 8, 2015 Board of Directors’ meeting to 6:00 PM, Monday, December 7, 2015. (BOD) (This agenda item added at the request of Assistant Mayor Harris.)

B. Discussion:  Salary of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas Human Resource (HR) position.  Business necessary or unjust enrichment. (BOD) (PowerPoint) (This agenda item added at the request of Assistant Mayor Harris.)


Proclamation from the Arkansas Governor’s Office declaring November 2015 as Business Appreciation Month. (BOD) (This agenda item added at the request of Assistant Mayor Harris.)

Presentation by Credit Unions – another part of our City’s Financial Community. (BOD) (This agenda item added at the request of Assistant Mayor Harris.)

Presentation by Finance Director TyRhonda Henderson of the FY2016 Budget. (Power Point) (FIN)


Approval of Minutes of the regular meetings October 19, 2015 (Tabled 11022015) and November 5, 2015. (CCD)

Adopt a Resolution authorizing and directing the Acting City Manager to enter into a renewal agreement with the Housing Authority of the City of Texarkana, Arkansas for services of two (2) officers assigned from the Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department for special patrols and enforcement operations on Housing Authority properties. (TAPD)

Adopt a Resolution approving the FY2016 Budget. (FIN)

Adopt a Resolution amending the Rules of Order and Procedure.  (BOD) (This agenda item added at the request of Mayor Ruth Penney Bell.)

Consider the following action concerning one razed substandard properties structure:

Conduct a Public Hearing to receive comments regarding certification of certain delinquent taxes.

Adopt a Resolution certifying amount to be put on tax books as delinquent and collected accordingly. (PWD)

Adopt a Resolution approving settlement of August Harder v. Harold E. Boldt, et al, Miller County Circuit Court Case No. 46CV-14-64-1. (BOD)

Citizen Communication [Agenda Item Card and Citizens’ Communication Card]

A limit of five (5) minutes per subject is allotted for any person to express a written or oral viewpoint, grievance or other message to the Board of Directors, with a maximum of fifty (50) minutes allotted for citizen communications.  No advance permission is required, but persons wishing to address the Board are requested to fill out a “blue” card listing the subject to be addressed and hand it to the City Clerk upon arrival.  Citizen’s communications will be immediately following the Regular Agenda items on each agenda.

Executive Session

Adopt a Resolution making appointments to various boards, commissions, and committees. [Airport Authority and Public Facilities Board] (CCD)

Boards and Commissions Expiration of Terms. (CCD)