Team Duke T-shirts, wristbands, dog collars and window decals are available! Show your support for Duke the Boxer that sparked a huge search the first of March after the community hear he was lost.

The profits from the merchandise go to the Jeff Crosswhite Memorial Fund. Purchasing a window decal, shirt and wristband was more about showing my support for an effort by the community to come together and search for a dog that belonged to a very good friend of mine. It was amazing how everyone came together and worked hard to find Duke and bring him home to Jeff's family. He has given the family a piece of their loved one back.

Jeff and I worked together at Hot Tails Crawfish hut. I would always bring my dog to work and when he got Duke he did the same thing. Duke liked to play on his leash in the grassy area behind where Jeff parked which also happened to be right by the port-a-potty so he got to visit with a lot of people. He is a funny dog. Boxers have the most adorable face. One day I came out of the bathroom and he had a stick in his mouth and it was positioned in a way that made it look like he had a big cigar in his mouth. So cute! I asked him what he had there and when he opened his mouth the stick tumbled out.

If you would like to purchase one of the Team Duke items, call A Better Creation at 903-792-7281 or visit them during normal business hours at the corner of Texas Blvd and 14th Street inside of Bill's Movers.

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