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If 'Arrow' made its mission to to gather all the geek cred in the 'verse with an array of recognizable sci-fi guest stars, it's certainly on target. The CW's comic-book adapted series has picked up its latest acquisition in 'ER' vet and 'Doctor Who' fan favorite Alex Kingston, set to play the oft-di…
Sorry Bat-fans. If you were looking for a new Batman movie some time soon, you're going to get disappointed. It looks like we won't see a 'Dark Knight' reboot for quite a while. So what's the hold up?
Superman is bulletproof, has X-ray vision and can fly across the skyline of Metropolis without a plane. But his alter ego, Clark Kent, is a mild-mannered reporter who, frankly, has had about all that he can take.
In Superman issue 13, which hits shelves today, the man from Smallville that w…