A woman suspected of exploiting a disabled man in Texarkana has been apprehended by police.Karen May Paroline, 50, was arrested by Lt. Alton White and investigator Tina Lee of the department at a residence on Cummings Lane yesterday, according to the Bowie County Sheriff's Department.

Paroline was arrested on a felony charge of exploitation of a disabled person.

Sherman Prewitt filed a report with Investigator Will Buttram on March 23 charging that two days earlier, Paroline asked him for gas money. Prewitt, who is a 33-year-old disabled man, agreed to buy Paroline $5 worth of gasoline. The two drove to a Love’s truck stop where Paroline used Prewitt’s debit card spending more than $60.

When Prewitt found out about this, he confronted Paroline who said they could go to the Walmart in New Boston and she would put the money back in his account. Instead of putting money back on Prewitt’s card, however, she allegedly made more purchases totaling more than $300.

When Paroline came out of the store, she reportedly told Prewitt they were unable to add the money back to his debit card at this location, so they would need to go to the Texarkana Walmart to do so. In Texarkana, Paroline spent another $150 on Prewitt’s card. And, when she came out of this store, she allegedly gave Prewitt his card back but then forced him out of the vehicle leaving him stranded in Texarkana.

Investigator Buttram retrieved video footage of the debit card transactions. Videos show a white female, later identified as Paroline, using Prewitt’s card to make these purchases.

If you have additional information on this person or this crime you are asked to contact the Bowie County Sheriffs Department at (903) 798-3149.