Bowie County Sheriff James Prince took to his Facebook page to let Bowie County residents know that the State will not be moving forward with plans to house un-rehabilitated sex offenders in Maud.

The plans were that up to 75 convicted and un-rehabilitated sex offenders that had completed their court ordered sentences would be housed at the former Bowie County Restitution Center in Maud, Texas. Sheriff Prince, shared a photo of the letter he received from Cass County officials concerning the plans.

In the letter posted to Sheriff Princes' Facebook page it states,

The State of Texas contacted the Cass County CSCD in regards to supervising a Civil Commitment Program in the former NE TX Intervention Center Maud, Texas.. During discussions, notification of elected officials, then the public, it has been determined that the community does not want this in place. The CSCD thanks the public for their concerns and questions. The Cass County CSCD has listened to the citizens and this program will not be moving forward. The public meeting and any meetings with the state have been cancelled regarding this issue.

Sheriff Prince via Facebook