Do you own a clothes iron? Do you own an ironing board? Do you iron clothes? These are good questions, but when I asked them, the answers were even more interesting! So, click the poll and tell us how you do it.

Lisa and I are heading up to Memphis to get things ready for the upcoming St. Jude Radiothon in Texarkana. So, I needed to take something more than just my regular T-shirts. You know, church it up a little. The wife made it clear long ago that she does not iron. So, I took a few shirts and my jacket to a dry cleaners over here by the radio station to be pressed.

When I got to the station the discussion began with everyone in the office sharing their thoughts. I won't use names, to protect the innocent, or lazy depending on how you look at it.

First off, everyone asked owns an ironing board and an iron, and none of the men here iron anything. Of all of the sales staff, one lady loves to iron. She irons her clothes, her husband's clothes and her son brings his work shirts to her for ironing. She irons so much her husband has asked her to quit ironing so much of his stuff. She was the only one.

Of the office staff, one lady will occasionally iron her husband's collar and buttons, but rarely. I asked one of our guys about him and his wife and he said they don't iron, but she does steam his clothes. (I am counting that as ironing.)

The most common answer at the stations for wrinkled garments . . . PUT IN THE DRYER WITH WET CLOTH. (One lady recommends Ice cubes for dark garments.)

So, tell us in this poll. What do you do?