Here are the Sheriffs' Reports from Miller and Bowie Counties:

Miller County Sheriff’s Department: Wednesday, February 17, 2015

12:54 a.m.                FIRE 1921 GRENHAW

2:42 a.m.                  TRESPASSING 6825 HWY 296

6:21 a.m.                  FIRE 1921 MC 266 GREENHAW

2:49 a.m.                  ABANDONED VEHICLE HWY 71, NORTH FORK EXIT

8:41 a.m.                  THEFT 6624 OLD SALEM ROAD

8:54 a.m.                  THEFT 204 N LEWIS

10:10 a.m.               PUBLIC ASSIST HWY 196 / MC 295

10:17 a.m.               VICIOUS DOG 298 COCA COLA LAKE RD

12:10 p.m.               DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 310 SNELL

9:59 p.m.                 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 20172 STATE HIGHWAY 71 SOUTH

3:27 p.m.                  THEFT 16877 MC 10

8:49 p.m.                  MEDICAL EMERGENCY 3932 MC258

3:02 p.m.                  MEDICAL EMERGENCY 3698 MC 6

12:36 p.m.               VICIOUS DOG 163 MC 142

6:04 p.m.                  CHILD ABUSE CR 10

Bowie County Sheriff’s Department: Feb. 9 – Feb. 15, 2015


Theft of a Firearm – Chatman Wake Village, taken: a pistol (recovered)

Graffiti – County Road 1003 New Boston

Death Investigation – Fincher Street Maud

Theft Over $50 and Under $500 – Highway 8 South Maud, taken: gasoline, a battery and two gas cans (all of these items were recovered)

Cruelty to Non livestock Animals – Jackson Street Maud

Burglary of a Building – West 7th Street Texarkana, taken: costume jewelry

Fire Scene Report – South Kings Highway Texarkana


Online Solicitation of a Minor – North Stateline Texarkana

Theft Over $1500 and Under $20,000 – County Road 4235 DeKalb, taken: a red Honda Rancher all-terrain vehicle

Fire Scene Report – County Road 2213 Texarkana

Burglary of a Building – County Road 4218 Simms, taken: keys

Death Investigation – Farm to Market 1840 DeKalb

Theft Over $50 and Under $500 – North Stateline Texarkana, taken: United States currency

Credit Card Abuse – W. G. Sorsby Road Texarkana

Assault with Bodily Injury – West Front Street Texarkana

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Suspicious Circumstance – Shady Pines Road Texarkana

Theft of a Firearm – County Road 4151 Simms, taken: a pistol


Theft Over $50 and Under $500 – McIntyre Texarkana, taken: a computer


Theft Over $1,500 and Under $20,000 – Macedonia Road Texarkana, taken: an air conditioner

Dog Bite – Cotton Ford Redwater

Violation of No Contact Order – Knottingham Texarkana

Found Property – Highway 67 Texarkana, located: a BB gun

Burglary of a Building – County Road 4319 DeKalb, taken: a fire pit, a heater, a saw, an air compressor, a bow, tools, ammunition, a battery, and some nuts and bolts

Theft Over $1,500 and Under $20,000 – Daniels Chapel Road New Boston, taken: asphalt

Assault with Bodily Injury Impede Breathing – North Kings Highway Texarkana


Unauthorized Absence from a Community Correction Facility – Plaza West Texarkana

Burglary of a Building – South Kings Highway Texarkana, taken: tools


Theft Over $1,500 and Under $20,000 – Chaparral Texarkana, taken: golf clubs


26       People Arrested

27       People Arrested by Other Law Enforcement Agencies and turned in to BCSO

33       Civil Papers Served, 12 cleared by BCSO