Police officers on the Texas side of town got a huge gift today thanks to the Sadowski family, represented by Jason Sadowski, who made a donation of $10,000, to the Texarkana, Texas Police Department for the purchase of body cameras for officers.

Police Chief Dan Shiner said the donation came after the Sadowski family learned of the department’s plans to purchase the technology to help promote officer safety and training. The donation was made to match a previous one made by an anonymous donor in late January.

“These systems have proven to be very beneficial for the law enforcement community and provide us the opportunity to record what we actually see as we enter into, and deal with complex and hostile policing situations,” Shiner said. “We are very grateful for these generous donors.”

The Texarkana, Texas Police Department is researching the best options for equipment and will complete the purchase this Spring.

For more details contact Lisa Thompson, Public Information Officer, at 903-798-7134.

(Press Release)