Alfie is just a brown dog and that is what caught my eye because I knew he would be passed over for more colorful dogs but this is what I learned about him yesterday. He is calm, sweet, smart and respectful. He also appears to be house trained.

Mimi C, Townsquare Media

Now I have to tell you, Alfie is not his real name but that is what I started calling him yesterday. His real name isn't known at this time. He came in as a stray but he had a rabies tag from a clinic in Caddo Parish. Calls have been made to the numbers associated with his rabies tag with no luck in finding whoever may have lost him.

Mimi C, Townsquare Media

Alfie walks great on a leash. He comes when called and loves affection but not so much that he is a nuisance. He is content to walk around and check out the smells and just hang out.

Mimi C, Townsquare Media

You can save Alfie by sponsoring him! To sponsor a dog means to pay for his vetting costs. Once he is sponsored, it makes him more appealing to adoptive families because the initial cost associated with adopting a dog has been taken care of so monies spent on him can be for a comfortable bed, chew toys and food. Approximately $110 would get all of his vetting covered. The exact cost can be discovered by calling the shelter directly.

Mimi C, Townsquare Media

Alfie looked at me like, "Where are you going?" when I put him back in the kennel. He is ready to be back in a home where he belongs.


The Animal Care and Adoption Center in Texarkana, Ark. is our only animal shelter in town. They have a few hundred dogs and cats that need to be reclaimed or adopted. Room is always an issue at a city animal shelter.

You can go to the shelter and adopt one today or sponsor a dog to save a life.

T-shirts are available at Legendary Firearms in Nash off Hwy 82. They are $18 each. Thanks for supporting our shelter animals!

You can sponsor a shelter animal and help it get a home quicker! Contact the shelter to find out more. 870-773-6388. Please visit the shelter's new Facebook page to see if there is an animal there that you would be interested in adopting, fostering or sponsoring.

NEW shelter Facebook page

It is so unfortunate that there are thousands of dogs that are euthanized every year in our local shelter when there are so many dogs that would make fabulous pets. Please help us make a difference by spreading the word. Share this post on your Facebook page and Tweet about it, too.

The shelter's adoption fees range from $40 to $144, depending on the gender and size of the animal or whether they have been spayed or neutered yet. You can also have your pet micro-chipped for only $20 right at the shelter! That way if your pet is ever lost, he can be returned to you quickly.

If you would like to foster a dog contact the shelter to get information about dog rescues in our area that can help.

The Animal Care and Adoption Center is located at 203 Harrison St., Texarkana, Ark. 71854 and is open Monday through Saturday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.