The Texarkana, Texas Police Department is looking for a couple of suspects who were caught on a restaurant video allegedly stealing money from an employee's purse at a Texarkana McDonald's restaurant. You can help apprehend the suspects and help local authorities at the same time.

On March 15, two women came into the McDonald's on New Boston Road at about 2:30 p.m. The women had with three children with them and they each ordered food. Only moments before, a restaurant employee had gone on break and accidentally left her purse on the counter.

Seeing the unattended purse on the counter, one of the women allegedly went through it while standing at the counter and, according to the video footage, subsequently removed $60 in cash from the wallet.

The police are asking anyone with information on this crime to call 903-798-3116 or call CrimeStoppers at 903-793-STOP. Remember, Texarkana Area CrimeStoppers does not want your name, just your information. That information could lead to you receiving a cash reward from CrimeStoppers.
Never approach a suspected suspect, but always phone authorities with your information. Working together we can solve crimes in our cities and neighborhoods.