The Hope, Ark., Police Department continues its search for Madeline Tomlin, 24, of Hope, who was last seen in that area on the evening of Wednesday, May 20, 2015. Police department officials say unfortunately they have no new information to share since they first released the missing person's report last Saturday but continue to seek the public's help in locating Tomlin.

Tomlin weighs 115 pounds, is 5 feet 5 inches tall, has green eyes and has brownish red hair.

The Hope Police Department said it believes she was possibly wearing light blue cotton pants and a white or cream-colored top. Tomlin has a butterfly tattoo on her foot, a tattoo of the word “Cash” on her ankle and a horseshoe tattoo on her shoulder.

Below are additional photos of Tomlin but these are apparently older pictures of her and she weighs less than these photos indicate.

Courtesy of the Hope Police Dept.

Police said Tomlin’s family and friends believe that it is very unlikely that she would willingly go this long without contacting them.

Anyone who may have had contact with Tomlin since May 20, 2015 or anyone who has any information regarding her current whereabouts is strongly urged to contact the Hope Police Department at 870-777-3434 or call 870-703-3481. You may also call Detective Coronado at 870-722-2561 call or your local police department.