The coaches for both college football teams that will be playing in the Texarkana Live United Bowl are very familiar with each other and their respective schools.Southwestern Oklahoma State University head football coach, Dan Cocannouer, and University of Central Oklahoma head football coach, Nick Bobeck, both attended and played for the universities at which they now coach.

The two schools, which are just 90 miles apart, are longtime rivals and have played each other almost 90 times since their first encounter way back in 1905. So yes, this is a heated, close rivalry.

It is made even more special by the fact that due to conference re-alignment, the two rivals have not played each other since 2011. They will get the chance to renew that spirited rivalry at a neutral site -- the Live United Bowl at Texarkana Razorback Stadium.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University coach Cocannouer is thrilled to get to play another game.

Bowl officials expect a big crowd supporting the two Oklahoma Universities to make the trip to Texarkana to watch the big game. Those same officials say what they need most though is for area residents to step up and support the bowl by buying tickets and coming on out to the game.

The big event is at noon on Saturday, Dec. 5, at Razorback Stadium in Texarkana. Bowl game tickets are only $10 for adults and just $4 for students and children.

A boots, jeans, and BBQ banquet will be held the night before the game at the Texarkana, Ark., Convention Center followed by a community pep rally. The morning of the game there will also be a 5K Run.

You can purchase tickets to the game, as well as the banquet, online at, or at any Mil-Way Federal Credit Union Location, the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce, or at the United Way office in Texarkana.

Call (903) 794-3105 for more information.