Townsquare Media, John Williams


Townsquare Media, John Williams

As we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday Week we are still missing our beloved Pepsi.

I wanted to add some extra pictures of Pepsi to some that are already out there. My daughter desperately would like to get her pet cat back.

If you see a cat resembling Pepsi, go on Facebook and message me (John Williams). My profile is public.

Pepsi is now over 1 1/2 years old, he was of normal build when he went missing. Not fluffy or fat, and he is short-haired.

In case you missed the original story, Pepsi was trapped in an over zealous neighbor's animal trap or cage in Pleasant Grove. He was taken to the Animal Shelter on the Arkansas side in College Hill.

My daughter and I went down there and sure enough found him. However the shelter would not allow us to take him home. They said if you lived on the Arkansas side you could pay the fine and take him now, but since you lived on the Texas side of town you can not take him, The rule is you have to go down to Texas side City Hall first, pay them, then go back to the shelter, pay some more then you can have him.

Of course besides being inconvenient during the week, that was absolutely impossible on Saturday because City Hall is closed. Upset but cooperating we left Pepsi to stay there for 48 more hours.

My little girl made me promise I would get Pepsi as soon as I got off work on Monday, and I assured her he would be home by the time she got off the bus after school. Only problem is when I checked on Pepsi on Monday, he was not there. He was not in the cage, the personnel at the shelter were not even aware he was missing. Either they did not properly close the cage or he pushed his way out of the rickety, rusty old cage.

Furthermore, he was one of a handful of cats that were being housed outdoors of all places, so if you are a cat and you escape the cage there is nothing to keep you from running away. That is apparently what happened.

We all miss Pepsi very much and understand the likelihood of getting him back is slim. May take a miracle from above, but we know that is indeed possible.

We are thankful for our many blessings at this Thanksgiving time of year, but  there is a piece of our "family" missing.

Once again please study the pictures and if you see a new cat in your neighborhood or somewhere in the city that matches Pepsi, message me on Facebook:

I told my daughter we will not give up yet on getting Pepsi back.

By the way, there is a cash reward for the safe return of my daughter's beloved Pepsi.