LifeShare Blood Center in Texarkana is set to hold a public blood drive later this week.

LifeShare  is having a blood drive April 3 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at LifeShare Blood Center, 1321 College Dr, Texarkana, Texas. The organization will hold a drawing for two baskets as well as a ham. All donors will also receive a free T-shirt as well as being entered into the drawing.
About one in seven people entering a hospital need blood. One blood donation, approximately one pint of blood, can save up to three lives. Every donation has the potential to save someone’s life.
LifeShare Blood Center just recently put out an appeal for blood donations due to a specific shortage in our area. Blood type O negative donors are in critical need as recent patient usage has increased substantially. LifeShare Blood Centers is asking all O negative donors to make a plan to give now.

At least five hospitals in our service area have patients currently using O negative blood. Fewer than seven percent of the population is O negative making every available donor vital,” says Tina Hooper, spokesperson for LifeShare Blood Centers.

A decrease in blood donors during the winter weather combined with an increased patient need has created the critical need for O negative donors. The supply of all other blood types is also being used daily and needs additional donors for replenishment. Anyone who is unaware of their blood type is also being asked to donate now as it will be tested upon collection.

“Donors of all blood types are necessary and welcome, but the immediate need for more O negative donors is imminent,” stressed Hooper.

Give blood at a LifeShare center or at a mobile blood drive in the area. Call your local center for hours and blood drive locations.

You may call the Texarkana LifeShare Blood Center at (903) 793-3173.