We sometimes get amused at the stories we come across on a day-to-day basis, and this one raised a few eyebrows around the ol' radio station. There's a company out there that makes candles that smell like your home state. The company is called Homesick Candles and off the top of my head I thought it was a brilliant idea.

You make candles that smell like things in your home state and people who have moved away just might buy one if it really brings back those wonderful memories. I get it, makes perfect sense -- or scents. (HAHAHA I kill me.)

Let's see if we can't drill down a little bit further though. If some company was to start making candles that smell like Texarkana, what would that smell be?

We love you Ashdown and Domino, but we already know what yours would smell like. Let's don't go there. But seriously, if you're from Texarkana, De Kalb, New Boston, Hope, Fouke or any of the communities or towns in our area, what would your candle smell like?