On Sunday, Jan. 18, folks will come together at Fat Jack's Oyster Bar & Grill to support the family of Jack Mills.

Jack, who recently passed away, was an icon in Texarkana. He was the man behind the bar called Fat Jack's but he was so much more than just a businessman to everyone who came through the door. The Fat Jack's crew is family. Whether you were one of the 5 o'clock group, a Thursday night party person or someone who came and went infrequently -- you always felt the warmth of the down-home atmosphere at Fat Jack's.

In honor of Jack Mills who lost his battle with cancer last week, this Sunday will be the community's chance to give back to the man and the family that has given us so many years of laughter and memories -- not to mention great food and spirits. A fundraiser will begin at 2 p.m. and end somewhere around 6 p.m. or -- in Fat Jack's fashion -- after the last person leaves.