If you are looking to get tested for Covid but are finding it hard to get a test without paying big bucks? The Texarkana Bowie County Health Department has you covered. Whether you need a Covid Test because you've been exposed, think you may have it or if you need the test for work or travel. 

Free Covid Testing, Here's Where

The Bowie County Health Department is located at 902 W 12th St  Texarkana, Texas  The corner of Spruce and 12th St. They have an outside company that is conducting the tests for free.  You can schedule an appointment at allamericantesting.com or call  (214) 556-8088  Monday - Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM. You'll receive your results usually around 48 hours but it could take up to 72 hours

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If you've never been there then it might be a little confusing to find where you go for the testing. that's because they are trying to keep you separated from the rest of the patients and staff members. You'll need to enter the building where the wheelchair ramp is where the building  L’s out.   You can preregister at the link above but you can also just walk in.  Be mindful that staff may not be there at lunch hours. So it might be best to go before noon or after 1 PM. If you are trying to get your test results you'll need to use the code PROHLTTX for this location.

 Looking for the Covid Vaccine?


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If you are looking to be vaccinated The Bowie County Health Center can handle that as well. They currently have both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines available.  No need for an appointment just walk in.  Their hours are Monday -Thursday  7 AMam to 5:30 PM and closed from 12 PM -1 PM.  To receive your vaccination be sure to enter in by the sidewalk that is close to the flagpole in the middle of the building.  The Covid vaccine is free

Looking for a Covid Booster Shot?

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It's been difficult to find the booster shots around town but they do have these too. You can get a Pfizer booster if you have had already had your first two shots. You can receive your booster (3rd dose) of Moderna if you are immune-compromised.

If you have any other questions please contact the Bowie County Health Center (903) 798-3250