Five Bowie County residents are facing drug charges after being arrested by Bowie County Sheriff's Deputies.

Here is the release from the Sheriff's Office:

On March 4, 2018, Bowie County Deputy Shawn Martin received information that a Dustin Kyle Hunter would be bringing methamphetamine to a location in the 6300 block of Highway 59 South in Texarkana, Texas. He then set up a short distance from this location to watch for Hunter’s arrival. Around 10:45 pm, Martin observed a vehicle matching the description on Hunter’s car pass him. He caught up to this vehicle and stopped it for speeding. 

BCSO-Dustin Hunter

Deputy Martin spoke with Hunter about his violation and gained consent to search Hunter’s car and person. Nothing illegal was located during the search of Hunter’s car. Two blue plastic bags allegeldy containing around 7.5 grams of methamphetamine were located in a fanny pack Hunter was wearing. Hunter then allegedly told Martin that he had approximately one more gram of methamphetamine at his home. The two relocated to Hunter’s home in the 900 block of Elliott Road Texarkana, Texas.

BCSO-Hubert Morine

At this location, Martin encountered two white females and black male inside of Hunter’s home. They were found to be Ashely Elyse McGee, Jordan Shelby Brower and Hubert Earl Morine. Both Brower and Morine were found to have outstanding warrants and were placed under arrest for them. A syringe filled with what was believed to be methamphetamine was found during a search of Morine following his arrest. A consensual search of McGee’s backpack also produced a syringe filled with apparant methamphetamine. She was also placed under arrest at this time. All three of these subjects were transported to the Bi-State Jail.

BCSO-Ashely McGee

While Martin was investigating the happenings inside of Hunter’s residence, Lieutenant Chris Allison was speaking with a subject he found asleep in the backseat of a vehicle from which the odor of marijuana was emitting. This subject  Allison that he and his wife Kristy Minton drove to this location to hang out with Hunter. When asked, he was unsure of his wife’s location.

BCSO-Kristy Minton

During a search of this vehicle, a purse was located. This purse contained a Ziploc bag containing alleged marijuana, a Mason jar apparently containing marijuana and hash and items that indicated that the purse belonged to Kristy Minton. Kristy Minton arrived back at this location and was asked about this purse. She claimed ownership of the purse and its contents except for the drugs. She was arrested for Possession of Marijuana Over Two Ounces and Under Four Ounces and Possession of a Controlled Substance Over One Gram and Under Four. She was also transported to the Bi-State Jail.

While at the jail, McGee told Martin that she needed to be alone in the bathroom to vomit. McGee was informed she would not be alone until she was processed and was provided with a safe place to throw up. It was at this time that she removed two bags of suspected methamphetamine from her bra and gave them to Deputy Martin.

BCSO-Jordan Brower

Deputy Randall Baggett transported Brower to the jail. While on the way to the jail, Brower allegedly informed Deputy Baggett that she had a bag of methamphetamine in her bra. This apparent methamphetamine was recovered once Brower arrived at that the jail. Hunter was booked for Possession of a Controlled Substance Over Four Grams and Under 200 Grams. Judge Nancy Talley later set his bond at $25,000.00. McGee was booked in the jail for Possession of a Controlled Substance Over One Gram and Under Four Grams. Her bond was set at $3,000.00 by Judge Talley.

Brower was booked in the jail for her outstanding warrant as well as Possession of a Controlled Substance Over One Gram and Four Grams. Her bond was set at $10,000.00 by Judge Talley. Morine was booked into the Bi-State Jail for his outstanding warrant and Possession of a Controlled Substance Under One Gram. His bond was $3,000.00 by Judge Talley. Judge Talley set Minton’s bonds at $3,000.00 for her Possession of Marijuana charge and $5,000.00 for her Possession of a Controlled Substance charge. McGee had bonded out of jail at the time of this release. The rest of the group remained in custody at the Bi-State Jail.