With Father's Day fast approaching, we thought a little help in picking the perfect gift may be in order. Check out the list of what dads really want for Father's day. Keep in mind this list is from most liked to least liked Father's day gifts.

1. A day with the family 57 percent.

2. Electronics and gadgets 37 percent.

3. Gift card 37 percent.

4. Home-cooked meal 37 percent.

5. Pictures of their children or grandchildren 34 percent.

6. A hand-made card 32 percent.

7. Tools 31 percent.

8. Cooking equipment, like a grill or smoker, 28 percent.

9. Sports equipment or memorabilia 28 percent.

10. Jewelry or accessories, 9 percent.

11. A tie 7 percent.

There are big differences in the gifts that men get their fathers as compared to what women get their father. Men are most likely to give gift certificates this Father’s Day, while women are most likely to either prepare a home-cooked meal or offer up a day with family.

But Father’s Day isn’t just about gift-giving or appreciating what our fathers have done for us. Father's day is also about reflecting on what we have learned from them over the years.

Among the people surveyed, who say they learned something from their dads, more than three-quarters say their father taught them to have a strong work ethic. Majorities also credit their dads with teaching them how to be a good person, and how to drive. Meanwhile, half of the folks surveyed said they learned financial responsibility. While others say they learned car maintenance, self-confidence,and good sportsmanship from their fathers.

When the people surveyed were asked which lesson they learned from their fathers meant the most, "how to be a good person" and "having a strong work ethic" were the top selections by a wide margin, with "financial responsibility" being the third most frequent selection.

Meanwhile, men are more likely to remember their dads teaching them self-confidence,  good sportsmanship, how to play a sport, and teaching them about sex.