Sometimes getting into the holiday spirit isn't so easy. That's when we have to try different methods to boost our jolliness level. One way to do this is to change the way we see the world, or in this case, our computer desktop. Download one of these festive holiday wallpapers today and soon you might be thinking that "it is starting to look a lot like Christmas" rather than "bah, humbug!"

  • Christmas HD Wallpapers

    The Red Ornament

    What says Christmas more than a stunning evergreen trimmed out with gorgeous ornaments! Put this beautiful wallpaper on your screen and soon you'll be humming "Oh Tannenbaum."


    Christmas Cottage

    Reminiscent of the inspiring paintings by the late Thomas Kinkade, this Christmas Cottage is resplendent in a tranquil snow-blanketed setting. With this on your desktop, it won't be long until you're dreaming of a white Christmas.


    Christmas Village

    Remember the old television Christmas specials from our childhood? This Christmas village wallpaper reminds me of those. One could almost picture Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman prancing across this scenic wonderland.


    Christmas Tree and Fireplace

    There's nothing better to get you in the mood for the season than thinking about going home for the holidays. This opulently decorated tree and fireplace is the scene everyone dreams of waking up to on Christmas morning, whether their house looks like this or not. So download this one today and fantasize!


    Blue Christmas

    Even if you insist on being blue this holiday season, there's no reason your desktop can't reflect the beauty that a Blue Christmas delivers. There's something understated and serene about this scene that we just love.


    Window Christmas Tree

    Sure, Texarkana doesn't usually get tons of snow, but it doesn't keep us from thinking about our next snowfall! And if we want snow badly enough, some of us are even willing to travel to see it. This remote cabin with its outdoor Christmas tree reminds me of something one would find in Aspen or Lake Tahoe and is thus the perfect catalyst for a little holiday daydreaming.


    Cartoon Christmas

    When the child inside all of us needs something a little bit more whimsical to get us ready for St. Nick's next visit, this cartoon Christmas wallpaper should be just what the doctor ordered. Filled with charming animals, fun presents and even a fireplace with stockings, this will delight children of all ages.


    Christmas Wish

    Have you ever heard someone say that if you say or read something enough, you'll start to believe it? Perhaps that's why this Christmas Wish background is one of T-Town's favorites. Apply this magical scene and embrace the true romance of the holiday.


    Christmas Lights

    For as long as I can remember, my favorite thing about Christmas was the lights. There's something so elegant about thousands of tiny white lights dancing across every bough and rooftop that makes it nearly impossible not to get caught up in the enchantment of the holiday. This wallpaper celebrates the tradition, illuminating your desktop with dazzling beauty.


    Christmas Tree

    You're never truly ready for Christmas until you've put up a tree. For lots of folks these days, their trees come in many different shapes and sizes, from a traditional, fresh-cut spruce to an art deco tree that merely attaches to the wall that is suitable for small spaces. In case you haven't put up your own tree yet, allow us to help you plant one right on your desktop!