Have you ever been driving down some old highway or road at night and get spooked because you thought you saw something you couldn't explain? Believe it or not, it happens more often than you think especially when driving in Arkansas.

For example, that hitchhiker on the side of the road just might be a ghostly apparition instead of a real live human being. There are many stories like this all over the U.S. but the one that stands out in my mind is the one of a female hitchhiker spotted on Highway 365.

Highway 365

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Legend has it that a female hitchhiker wearing a worn-out shredded-type dress will appear on the side of the highway and if you stop to pick her up she will give you her address where she lives only to find out when you get there she's no longer in your vehicle. When asking the people of that address what happened they will tell you that was their daughter who was killed in a fatal traffic accident many years ago on Highway 365. That's when I vanish and get the heck out of there.

Old Redfield Road

In Sheridan, Arkansas near Little Rock, there is Old Redfield Road and for years it's been the location for many paranormal sightings.

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The residents who live in that area have reportedly seen ghostly apparitions walking down the road and into the nearby cemetery. Word has it that your radio may malfunction and some of your electrical devices may quit working.

Rader Road

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You've heard of the headless horseman, well this road is noted for sightings of a galloping horse with a ghost rider with his head intact seen trotting by or in the nearby woods.

Wolf Bayou Bridge

If you are ever traveling near the town of Scott, Arkansas you may want to avoid traveling over Wolf Bayou Bridge. The original bridge was replaced by a new bridge in 2005, and lots of paranormal activity has been seen near the bridge for several years now.

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The story goes is that a woman and her baby were killed when she drove off the bridge. Legend has it, if you go out there at night and repeat the words "Mama Lou, I've Got Your Baby," a ghostly apparition of a woman appears floating over the bayou looking for her baby. And worse off, your car may not start back up or even stall out on you. This one makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!

Woodson Lateral Road

This is one long stretch of highway you do not want to be on after dark located near Little Rock. This picture doesn't do it justice but the further you go down this road the creepier it becomes with tall trees that begin to hang over the top of the road, there's even a painted pentagram on the road at some point, and a roadside cemetery to complete the fear factor.

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Not only have there been reports of some unusual paranormal sightings but also the story of some type of winged creature, like a Mothman that will fly by your vehicle and then vanish into the wooded area. Shadow people and ghost lights or orbs have been spotted on this road 18 miles south of Little Rock. Think I'll take a detour on this one!

So, like I say if you're looking for adventure or to put a little fright into your night you might start with these 5 roads in Arkansas. But be careful, you may not like what you find and you may want to bring a change of underwear, just in case!

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