You don't even have to be a bird watching enthusiast to enjoy this show.

Last weekend, January 29 - 31, 2016 was the 37th annual Eagles Et Cetera weekend at the Lake DeGray Resort State Park in Arkansas. The weather turned out to be perfect for Texarkana's Boy Scout Troop 3 as they set up tents Friday night and made ready for a long, busy Saturday. By busy, I mean learning about falconry in the morning, lunch, then trail cleanup behind the Visitors Center. They then went back to the Lodge for the Raptor Rehab presentation, back to camp for dinner, and once more back to the Lodge for the Birds of Prey show put on by the Little Rock Zoo, then the live Raptor Meet and Greet.

It was a long and busy day indeed, but as you can see by some of the pictures, it was well worth it. I got a little misty-eyed when the magnificent bald eagle was brought out. She was beautiful.

They also had Eagle Watch Tours going on all weekend, and yes, there are wild bald eagles around the lake. There's no guarantee you'll see one, but the park rangers try very hard to find you one to catch a glimpse of. The Eagle Watch tours are still taking place by the way. You can look up the schedule on their website.

Bottom line, we had a great time and I highly recommend spending the whole weekend for your family and friends, church group, scout troop, whatever. Watch for it next year near the last weekend of January.