Bowie County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating an incident of so-called "drunk wrestling" that left one person dead and another in jail.

Authorities say they were called to a residence in the Maud area around 2:20AM Sunday morning. Three males were visiting and drinking alcohol when two of them began to "drunk wrestle," according to police.

Robert Autrey, the homeowner, told deputies he went into the house for a minute and when he came out he said he thought he saw William Pate fall to the ground and Lee Sharp with a board in his hands. He said he thought he saw Sharp toss that board to the ground.

Assuming that Pate had passed out due to his level of intoxication,  Autrey and Sharp say they moved him into the garage. There they say they covered him up to let  him "sleep it off."

Autrey then took Sharp home and returned to his house. That is when he told authorities he found Pate not breathing and called 911. Deputies responded but Pate was pronounced dead. Authorities say the victim had a mark on his face that was consistent with him being struck by a board.

An arrest warrant was issued for Sharp and he voluntarily turned himself in. He is jailed on charges of aggravated assault and bond has been set at $100,000.

An autopsy has been ordered and authorities say charges could be upgraded pending the results.