I now see why people like to surf the “For Sale” category on Craigslist because it is very entertaining. I found all kinds of interesting stuff for sale in the Texarkana area. Some of the items that I found were funny because of the description or the photo itself.

Check out all of this crazy stuff for sale in the Texarkana area.

  • 1

    Life Size Darth Vader

    Darth Vader is four feet tall and lights up as well as talks. The force could be with you too.

    Craigslist Texarkana
  • 2

    Trailer Covered in Bushes

    This is literally a find meaning, I'm not sure how they found this rusted trailer under all of that greenery.

    Craigslist Texarkana
  • 3

    Stuffed Turkey on a Stand

    Everyone needs an adorable stuffed turkey on a stand.

    Craigslist Texarkana
  • 4

    Slot Machine

    Heck ya! I'd love to pour coins into this one-armed bandit and play all day, as long as I can get my money back. The thrill without the spill.

    Craigslist Texarkana
  • 5

    Fanny Pack

    This novel item just never seems to go out of style.

    Craigslist Texarkana
  • 6

    Plastic Wrap

    This is a prankster's dream come true. Just think of all the cars you can wrap up. You could turn your boss's office into a wrapped castle.

    Craigslist Texarkana
  • 7

    Old Coca Cola Machine

    If you are a Coca Cola fan this 1964 vending machine is calling your name. A little clean up and this would be the envy of everyone that enters your domain although the price point is way out of my league.

    Craigslist Texarkana