Superman is bulletproof, has X-ray vision and can fly across the skyline of Metropolis without a plane. But his alter ego, Clark Kent, is a mild-mannered reporter who, frankly, has had about all that he can take.

In Superman issue 13, which hits shelves today, the man from Smallville that we've all come to know and love is making some big life changes.

Scott Lobdell, the writer of Superman, told USA Today that he is doing "a cannonball in the Super-verse." Now, not only aren't Clark Kent and Lois Lane married anymore, but now he's falling for Wonder Woman and is quitting the Daily Planet.

Is this sudden departure from his longtime employer in keeping with the Clark Kent we've all come to know and love? It isn't as surprising as you might initially think. After all, Kent has always wanted to tell stories that matter (see my blog), and he's tired of the direction the Daily Planet is taking. For most media professionals, that story line will ring all too true.

But what comes next for the man behind the glasses? Washington Post contributor Alexandra Petri thinks he will be in for a rude awakening, particularly if he strikes out on his own as a blogger. "He'll need a day job to support his new day job," she quips.

Regardless of what path he takes, the sky is the limit for Clark, who can and will do anything to protect the planet he loves so much.

As Lobdell told USA Today, Clark hasn't changed that much. He will still call for his peers to "stand up for truth, justice, and...the American way."