The China King Buffet Restaurant in Texarkana has had its food permit suspended after failing an inspection this week.

The code inspector for the city sent the restaurant a letter that states the permit was suspended due to an infestation of German Roaches at the restaurant located at 5001 North State Line Avenue.

In the report compiled by the inspector there were also some other issues cited that will have to be addressed before the establishment can re-open for business. They included some cleanliness issues and food temperature concerns among other items.

Once the restaurant  corrects the listed problems it will be re-inspected and will regain their food permit if they receive a passing grade.

On the inspection this week the restaurant received 43 demerits for a failing score of 57 according to the health inspectors report.

Last month the Texarkana inspector suspended the food permit for Bryce's Cafeteria after they failed several inspections. That landmark local restaurant re-opened less than 24 hours later after fixing the inspectors concerns and receiving a passing score in their subsequent inspection.