Funny Videos

Big Spider Sends 12 Yr Old Boy Running
Imagine coming face to face with one of your biggest fears. As you are reaching up to fill the cat's food bowl on the top tier of their tower, your hand hits a sticky web then your eyes move up to see the biggest spider you have ever seen in your life.
See What's in Our Breakroom Refrigerator
Every now and then, when a bad smell knocks me down as I open the door of the refrigerator at work, I decide it's time to do a clean out. I try hard not to toss anything that might still be good but sometimes mistakes are made. I boo-booed and put a peach in the trash pile on the floor that tur…
Rottweiler Really Loves This Cat
I found this cute video this morning of a Rottweiler puppy named Sam that really loves Aaron the cat.
I have been a Rottweiler owner and can tell you from experience that they are sweet dogs that have a great personalty and a genuine care for other animals...

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