Here is your Bowie County Sheriff's Office weekly report for March 7-13, 2016.


Abandoned Vehicle – Walker Lane Texarkana

Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information – Farm to Market 2148 Texarkana

Driving While Intoxicated – Richmond Road Texarkana, arrested: John Robert Patterson

Theft Over $750 and Under $2500 – Daniels Chapel Road New Boston, taken: a washing machine, a dryer, a refrigerator, a quilt rack, a dresser and a sewing machine


Burglary of a Building – Buchanan Road Texarkana

Theft Under $100 – Private Road 25164 Texarkana, taken: two chairs and a table


Theft Over $2500 and Under $30,000 – Brookfield Texarkana, taken: jewelry and a handgun


Death Investigation – Daniels Chapel Road New Boston

Theft Under $100 – South Ridge Texarkana, taken: a cellular phone

Burglary of a Habitation – Fountain View Texarkana, taken: medication, a handgun, a tablet and watch

Assault with Bodily Injury Impede Breathing – Cody Circle Texarkana, arrested Charles James Shaw Jr.

Assault by Contact – King Street Texarkana


Death Investigation – Highway 259 DeKalb

Theft Over $100 and Under $750 – County Road 4121 Simms, taken: a storage building

Possession of a Controlled Substance Over One Gram and Under Four Grams – County Road 4202 DeKalb, arrested: Brenda Gail Parson

Burglary of a Vehicle – West New Boston Road Hooks

Assault with Bodily Injury Impede Breathing – Sam Thomas Road Texarkana

Criminal Mischief – County Road 1109 Redwater

Criminal Mischief – Farm to Market 990 DeKalb

Death Investigation – Wright Patman Road Hooks


Burglary of a Vehicle – Farm to Market 559 Texarkana, taken: United States currency

Assault with Bodily Injury – Henry Lane Texarkana, arrested: Billy Leon Nowling

Criminal Mischief – Interstate 30 New Boston

Theft Over $750 and Under $2500 – Farm to Market 560 Hooks, taken: a chainsaw


Assault by Contact – Presley Road Texarkana

Aggravated Sexual Assault – Lakeshore Drive Texarkana

Burglary of a Building – Highway 98 New Boston, taken: tools

Assault with Bodily Injury – Cummings Lane Texarkana

Driving While Intoxicated – Kings Highway Texarkana, arrested: Christopher Paul Endsley

Burglary of a Habitation – Hoot Plant Road Texarkana, taken: tools

Burglary of a Habitation – Chaparral Texarkana, taken: medication

Burglary of a Building – County Road 4286 Simms, taken: an air conditioner

Dog Dangerous to Humans – Deer Creek Texarkana

Estrayed Livestock – County Road 4009 New Boston

Death Investigation – Moores Lane Texarkana

Theft Over $100 and Under $750 – Pine Valley Texarkana, taken: four wheels, four tires, an alternator and a condenser

Terroristic Threat – Myrtle Springs Road Texarkana

Additional Activity by BCSO

34 People Arrested by BCSO
28 People Arrested by Other Law Enforcement Agencies and turned to BCSO
25 Civil Papers Served, 12 cleared by BCSO

BCSO Prisoner Transports

11 Inmates transported to Court
2 Inmates transported to the Texas Department of Corrections
4 Inmates transported for Medical Treatment
7 Inmates transported for other reasons

24 Total number of persons transported by BCSO (excluding arrest by BCSO)

1,198 Total miles driven for above listed transports