Here is the crime report from the Bowie County Sheriff's Office from April 11-17, 2016.


Assault with Bodily Injury – Highway 59 Texarkana, arrested: Caleb Holder

Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle – Moores Lane Texarkana, taken: a red 2011 Chevrolet Crew Cab Truck (recovered)

Death Investigation – Highway 59 Texarkana

Public Intoxication – Highway 67 Texarkana, arrested: Randy Michael Gray


Estrayed Livestock – South Kings Highway Texarkana

Escapees – Tex Americas Property Hooks, arrested: Mathew Jeffery Miller and Keith Wayne Davis (both are escapees out of McDonald County Missouri)

Sexual Assault – Farm to Market 1840 De Kalb

Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle – Pipes Lane Redwater, taken: a silver 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Assault with Bodily Injury – County Road 3211 De Kalb

Assault with Bodily Injury – South Kings Highway Texarkana

Driving While Intoxicated – West 7th Street Texarkana, arrested: Brandon Lashawn Allen


Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information – Farm to Market 1840 DeKalb


Estrayed Livestock – Alumax Drive Nash

Cruelty to Livestock Animals – Haney Street Texarkana

Dog Bite – Private Road 13481 Texarkana

Driving While Intoxicated – Front Street DeKalb, arrested: Jason Douglas Weidman


Threats Incident – James Bowie Simms

Burglary of a Habitation – Highway 82 New Boston, taken: a green 2003 Polaris Ranger (recovered), arrested: Kial Surratt

Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information – County Rod 4306 DeKalb

Theft of Service Over $750 and Under $2500 – Barkman Creek Hooks

Possession of Dangerous Drugs – North Kings Highway Texarkana, arrested: Kawana Ashley Collins


Deadly Conduct – County Road 4276 DeKalb

Assault with Bodily Injury – County Road 4276 DeKalb


Assault with Bodily Injury Impede Breathing – Private Road 13261 Texarkana, arrested: Shawn Kemp Smith

Theft Over $100 and Under $750 – County Road 3316 DeKalb, taken: a cellular phone

Additional Activity by BCSO

39 People Arrested by BCSO
39 People Arrested by Other Law Enforcement Agencies and turned to BCSO
21 Civil Papers Served, 7 cleared by BCSO

BCSO Prisoner Transports

90 Inmates transported to Court
1 Inmates transported to the Texas Department of Corrections
2 Inmates transported for Medical Treatment
4 Inmates transported for other reasons

97 Total number of persons transported by BCSO (excluding arrest by BCSO)

1,370 Total miles driven for above listed transports