Monday's Bowie County Sheriff's Office report:


Assault by Contact – County Road 1003 New Boston

Disturbance – Marshall Road Texarkana

Aggravated Sexual Assault – New Boston

Burglary of a Building – West 7th Street Texarkana, taken: tobacco products


Theft Over $50 and Under $500 – Fricks Lane Texarkana, taken: chainsaw and a boat

Estrayed Donkey – County Road 3108 New Boston

Harassment – County Road 1238 Maud

Assault with Bodily Injury – West Front Street Texarkana

Fire Scene Report – County Road 2308 Texarkana


Assault with Bodily Injury – White Oak Redwater


Burglary of a Habitation – Cody Circle Redwater, taken: an Xbox and two games

Disturbance – Daniels Chapel Road New Boston

Injured Dog – Gun Club Road Texarkana

Dogs Dangerous to Animals – County Road 2206 Texarkana

Sexual Assault – County Road 4122 DeKalb


Child Endangerment – Tri-State Road Texarkana

Sexual Assault – North Stateline Texarkana

Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle – Nicole Lane Texarkana, taken: a black 2011 Ford Escape

Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information – County Road 4270 DeKalb

Theft of a Firearm – Highway 98 New Boston, taken: a shotgun, a rifle and United States currency

Fire Scene Report – Rose Aces Texarkana

Theft Over $1,500 and Under $20,000 – Firehouse Road Redwater, taken: 12 batteries

Suspicious Circumstances – Farm to Market 992 DeKalb


Possession of Marijuana Under Two Ounces – Highway 67 Redwater

Assault with Bodily Injury Impede Breathing – North Stateline Texarkana

Assault by Contact – County Road 1329 Texarkana

Theft of Livestock – County Road 3213 DeKalb


Theft of a Firearm – County Road 3204 DeKalb, taken: a pistol

Burglary of a Building – County Road 4307 DeKalb, taken: a lawn mower, a drill, and two knives

Theft Over $500 and Under $1,500 – County Road 4122 Simms, taken: a trailer

Additional Activity by BCSO

13 People Arrested by BCSO
25 People Arrested by Other Law Enforcement Agencies and turned to BCSO
25 Civil Papers Served, 7 cleared by BCSO

BCSO Prisoner Transports

6 Inmates transported to the Texas Department of Corrections
3 Inmates transported for Medical Treatment
1 Inmates transported for other reasons
1 Inmates transported to Court
11 Total number of persons transported by BCSO (excluding arrest by BCSO)